MaryAnne Ryan

MaryAnne Ryan


People say that I have a very approachable style.  I am comfortable walking you through the entire process of your remodel, new construction, or redecorating project.  I usually start with an inspiration, either from you, the client or coming organically through our initial consultation, and from there I create an overall plan. I am involved with as much or as little as my clients need. I strive to bring choices that are not only beautiful and functional, but also make sense in terms of your budget and needs. Sometimes, I need to push a little out of your comfort zone and have you consider choices and options you may not have considered before, tapping into my skills and experience.


I started MaryAnne Ryan Design two years ago because I love helping people through the process of designing their home.  I love choosing the paint colors, tile, countertops, flooring and everything in between, and the moment when it all starts coming together and the client can really see how all of the choices that were made all work together ...there is nothing better!  I am excited to help you with an extensive remodel or just a facelift to an existing room in your house.    

I studied Interior Design and Art History at San Jose State University and from there I worked at an Art Gallery.  I also worked at an Antique Wholesale Showroom, as a manager for a large retailer and I had a regular booth at the local flea market during the Shabby Chic era. From there, I started a decorating business with two partners called Trio Design, where I expanded my services to include real estate staging and special occasion decorating.  Most recently, I took a series of seminars through the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers-North America (IACC-NA).  The series of classes and the completion of the program solidified my belief in the importance of color and its influence on our environment.  After passing the final exam, I became an Associate Member of the IACC-NA in 2011, and I joined the Board of Directors for the IACC-NA in 2012, currently serving as Treasurer.  I would call my personal style New Traditional,  but I love to work with all variety of styles and influences.  I would love to help you create a home that reflects who you really are and what you really love.   

Megan Billinger, my partner from Trio Design, still works with me as my Design Assistant.  She and I are such great collaborators…we can finish each other’s sentences.  Megan is a natural at interior decorating and brings a knowledge of technical details, organization and practicality to every project.